On the Run!

Lamlash leg: 10.08.2016

Run date: Wednesday 10 August 2016 Set-off time: 8.20am Pace: 10.16 mins/mile Distance: 5.33 miles Total run time: 54 mins, 44 secs Terrain/landscape: Pavement, road, an elevation of 237 foot, then flat round the bay Weather conditions: Perfect; a veritable mill pond. The route: After conquering all 2,866 feet of Goatfell at decent speed, with the T-shirt to prove it -… Continue reading Lamlash leg: 10.08.2016


What to do when it rains in Scotland? (Ahhhhhhhhh Barry Manilow)

How's this for an oxymoron: Harry and I are on a summer Scotland expedition! You heard me right. We've split it between Edinburgh and the bonnie Isle of Arran. Translation: we have between us half a pair of trousers and two shoes still dry. Intepretation: We are currently sheltering in 'PHT', one of our locals,… Continue reading What to do when it rains in Scotland? (Ahhhhhhhhh Barry Manilow)

On the Run!

Legging it round Edinburgh! 05.08.2016

Run date: Friday 5 August 2016 Set-off time: 9.56am Pace: 9.52 mins/mile Distance: 5.85 miles Total run time: 57 mins, 46 secs Terrain/landscape: Pavement, parkland, road, flat then UP, flat then UP Weather conditions: Warm/cool, drizzling The route: An almost 6 miles of erratic routing, running small loops in many different directions, realising taking wrong direction, Google Mapping to Arthur's Seat (pictured)… Continue reading Legging it round Edinburgh! 05.08.2016

Training and motivation

The Perils of Running in Public – My Top 5

The launch of 'This Girl Can' was a triumph for trying to combat anxieties about being seen getting a sweat on in public. It's something I get, having been through that tortuousness as a teenager. But when I got to my mid-twenties, I realised that resolve is everything. And celebrating your health through exercising with gusto… Continue reading The Perils of Running in Public – My Top 5