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Form-ula Run*

Blimey, it's been a little while, hasn't it? A lot's happened since we last spoke - tomorrow I start a brand-new job (So I'm a spike of excited-nervous energy); H and I've started the hunt for somewhere new to live (that isn't an airing cupboard); there've been Mont Blanc-style highs and some real sadness to… Continue reading Form-ula Run*

On the Run!

13.1 miles = The Peroni is miiine!

Run date: Friday 2 September 2016 Set-off time: 12.24pm Pace: 10.24 mins/mile Distance: 13.11 miles Total run time: 2 hours, 16 mins, 28 secs Terrain/landscape: One of my many, er, 'second homes', the Taunton to Bridgwater canal path... Weather conditions: Like running in a giant sweat box (although no burning sun to burn it off, which I was mightily glad for); then… Continue reading 13.1 miles = The Peroni is miiine!

On the Run!

Fffrrrrrrrmmm road runner: 22.08.2016

Run date: Monday 22 August 2016 Set-off time: 7.23am Pace: 8.47 mins/mile Distance: 3.11 miles Total run time: 27 mins, 21 secs Terrain/landscape: Pavement, gravel, grit and grass Weather conditions: On the cusp of muggy, white cloud The route: My Monday love, a 5k round Longrun to start the running week: Music of choice: A veritable mash of Rudimental (1st album, awesome running accompaniment I… Continue reading Fffrrrrrrrmmm road runner: 22.08.2016

On the Run!

“Rio’s that way love…” 13.08.2016

Run date: Saturday 13 August 2016 Set-off time: 10.59am Pace: 9.53 mins/mile Distance: 7.1 miles Total run time: 1 hour, 10 mins, 17 secs Terrain/landscape: Pavement, gravel, grit and grass Weather conditions: Misty! The sort that collects on your face and gradually leaves you drenched in a thick slick of sweat and, well, mist. The route: My well-worn track, and my legs felt so… Continue reading “Rio’s that way love…” 13.08.2016

On the Run!

Lamlash leg: 10.08.2016

Run date: Wednesday 10 August 2016 Set-off time: 8.20am Pace: 10.16 mins/mile Distance: 5.33 miles Total run time: 54 mins, 44 secs Terrain/landscape: Pavement, road, an elevation of 237 foot, then flat round the bay Weather conditions: Perfect; a veritable mill pond. The route: After conquering all 2,866 feet of Goatfell at decent speed, with the T-shirt to prove it -… Continue reading Lamlash leg: 10.08.2016

On the Run!

Legging it round Edinburgh! 05.08.2016

Run date: Friday 5 August 2016 Set-off time: 9.56am Pace: 9.52 mins/mile Distance: 5.85 miles Total run time: 57 mins, 46 secs Terrain/landscape: Pavement, parkland, road, flat then UP, flat then UP Weather conditions: Warm/cool, drizzling The route: An almost 6 miles of erratic routing, running small loops in many different directions, realising taking wrong direction, Google Mapping to Arthur's Seat (pictured)… Continue reading Legging it round Edinburgh! 05.08.2016