A big fat hello from The Messy Runner!ย 

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I’m Daisy Bee. I am a messy person, well-being enthusiast and writer-by-trade who likes to run.ย I live in Bristol UK in an 18th century flat with a Harry and our rapidly-growing kitten called Bees.

I started running in 2013 to try and get fit when I was at a bit of a low ebb, and to balance out all the cake I was eating working part-time in a coffee shop.

Now I love it. My typical pace, whether I’m doing 5k or 21k is between 9-10mins/mile, I run with a knackered (but cheery) TomTom Runner 2 watch, and neutral Saucony trainers from the Moti shop in Bristol.

Usually I run three-five times a week, with lots of yoga and stretching in between.

Cheddar Half Marathon

In 2016 I completed my first tough-as-hell half marathon race in Cheddar (!), which was frankly ridiculous. Half the entrants dropped out. A full marathon is the long game, via some injury, illness and, y’know, the life stuff. But if it were up to me I’d be running every day, no question.

The Messy Runner is a place where I talk about all the above and my day-to-day running experiences (trials and jubilation!), training, my healthy lifestyle habits, Sourdough experiments, foodie things, and lots about Bees.

I also write about the importance of running and moving full-stop for my physical and mental well being.

Blonde and Bees

I also have a “20 Questions With” feature where I’m speaking to amazing real people I know about their personal running pursuits.

In short, it’s about #realworld #fitspo andย recognition, from one amateur runner to another, of the constant push to feed your human need, inside and out.

Recognising that it’s about both theย rare electric mornings when I can dart out of bed at 5am, and those days when you and I really struggle.

I want to see where running takes me, even if it’s just in a hazy loop back to my latest front door, town or country, happy, traffic-stopping red, oh-so sweaty and spent.

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