On the Run!

Fffrrrrrrrmmm road runner: 22.08.2016

Run date: Monday 22 August 2016

Set-off time: 7.23am

Pace: 8.47 mins/mile

Distance: 3.11 miles

Total run time: 27 mins, 21 secs

Terrain/landscape: Pavement, gravel, grit and grass

Weather conditions: On the cusp of muggy, white cloud

The route: My Monday love, a 5k round Longrun to start the running week:


Music of choice: A veritable mash of Rudimental (1st album, awesome running accompaniment I used for the first time running in the summer in Croatia along the seafront, so figured it would be good pep) and some Craig Charles on the ol’ BBC 6 Music blower.

Fuel? I wanted to try for a quick one (for me, anyhow), but I was really struggling to get out of bed this morning after my week/weekend antics. So nu-thin’.

To sum up: I was fast! I think I’m going to make Mondays my bust-a-move days from now on. Building myself up to Fartlek so-called “speedplay” training: a prospect as alarming as the concept is hilarious.

Also, I’m shattered and starving – following a 10.2 miles on Saturday, three more runs between 3 and 7 miles before that, and too much general excitement, methinks.

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