On the Run!

“Rio’s that way love…” 13.08.2016

Me being stylish in the shoes

Run date: Saturday 13 August 2016

Set-off time: 10.59am

Pace: 9.53 mins/mile

Distance: 7.1 miles

Total run time: 1 hour, 10 mins, 17 secs

Terrain/landscape: Pavement, gravel, grit and grass

Weather conditions: Misty! The sort that collects on your face and gradually leaves you drenched in a thick slick of sweat and, well, mist.

The route: My well-worn track, and my legs felt so heavy. My right thigh has been uber tight for a good three days, and pummeling, foam roller-ing and swearing hasn’t yet helped loosen it up, so I thought doing seven miles might. It was enjoyable to finish, but fairly hard going, and my mile pace certainly slowed towards the end. But, a day on, I’m feeling much more loose. Phew.


Music of choice: Not a jot, because I need to stop forgetting to charge up my bluetooth headphones… which I will go and plug in now before I forget yet again…

ALTHOUGH: I did get heckled, twice, I think both times by old farts. One, a rowdy “Look at her go!”, and the second a sharp as nails, “Rio’s that way love”. Now maybe when I was just starting out it would have been enough to have me blush under my crimson hue, but now, I really don’t give a monkeys. If anything, it spurs me on! So er, thanks boys for the impromptu rallying. Peace out.

Fuel? I actually did this! Three hours before was: mini Shredded Wheat, milk and blueberries (so very super), a cup of tea, and then some of the scary ZERO X’TREME drink when I was out and about. And it must have worked, despite all the leg protests.

To sum up: All good really. Especially as I got to wear my new great good deal Asics! Which I plan to write more on shortly…

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