On the Run!

Legging it round Edinburgh! 05.08.2016

Arthur's Seat

Run date: Friday 5 August 2016

Set-off time: 9.56am

Pace: 9.52 mins/mile

Distance: 5.85 miles

Total run time: 57 mins, 46 secs

Terrain/landscape: Pavement, parkland, road, flat then UP, flat then UP

Weather conditions: Warm/cool, drizzling

The route: An almost 6 miles of erratic routing, running small loops in many different directions, realising taking wrong direction, Google Mapping to Arthur’s Seat (pictured) and charging round…


Music of choice: Nada! But my need for distraction was circumvented by my new TomTom Runner 2 GPS Watch, which I took for its second outing. I love the ease of simply being able to glance down at my wrist without the rigmarole of having to laden myself up like a donkey with my various bits of kit. To quote 10cc, I don’t like it… I love it.

Please let me also take this opportunity to explain/apologise for my absence these past few days. I started feeling very droopy and leaden on the day of the canal-side 8 miler, thinking maybe I’d been too cocky, jumped too high (a la Malleus Maleficarum), and worn myself out in a fit of pique, like an overexcited five year old who’d been exposed to a week of birthday parties. My newly-hewn, detonsiled throat felt especially sensitive and swollen, like it was due to crack. So I sulked for a good week, bought uber-strength throat lozenges, and after seeing Harry’s own fits of sneeze, came to the conclusion that it is probably hay fever.

Fuel? Nothing, but the night before we had a perfect balance of salmon, sweet pots and steamed green veg.

To sum up: The hills got the heart a-pumping, the face a dashing crimson and the improv-nature of the route was probably good for the soul. A solid 7/10.

Me in Edinburgh

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