On the Run!

Mid-afternoon mania: 26.07.2016

Me on the boat (2)

Run date: Tuesday 26 July 2016

Set-off time: Just after 2.30pm

Pace: 9.55 mins/mile

Distance: 8.2 miles

Total run time: 1 hour, 21 mins, 35 secs

Terrain/landscape: The dusty, wavering canal path

Weather conditions: The sort where you don’t have to think about what temperature you are: spot on, and good breezy

The route: An asymmetrical bounce-back to land me back with the lulling boat (and crew)


Music of choice: None, once again. But there’s plenty going on to keep me occupied, especially around Bradford-on-Avon – wood whittling (yes), canal boaters tending to their sunflowers/ repainting their roofs, weaving cyclists, a few lone herons flying in daisy-cutter style, and groups of walking elders looking taken aback.

Not having the distraction of BBC 6 Music also meant I could focus more on my form. I am experimenting with taking a higher number and lighter steps when I run, to leaven my technique and boost my endurance. Not only have I found it a really enjoyable mini-project, but I think it’s having good effects. Today, for example, I found that I ended my run with a good stock of fuel still left in the tank. Though that may have been an overhang of yesterday’s chocolate feast.

Fuel? Excellent! Mini Shredded Wheat and semi-skimmed for breakfast, a banana and peanut butter sandwich on granary for lunch, then an hour after that, onto the run. I felt quite beany as a result. (As in ‘full of beans’. In a good way.)

To sum up: A steady and strong 8 miles, and the longest run since tackling the Cheddar Half Marathon on 12 June

What’s the plan now? Another shorter run canalside, then I’m planning for a longer on Saturday. Maybe even a 10-er. Hey, we’ll see.


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