On the Run!

Cruising, no bruisin’: 24.07.16

the bra shot

A change of scenery, dear friends, and with it, the freeing, haphazardness of Not Knowing Where You Are – I’m with the fam trundling along a canal near Devizes for the week!

Run date: Sunday 24 July 2016

Set-off time: Not sure now I think of it. I blame last night’s wine. Just before 9am?

Pace: 9.46 mins/mile

Distance: 5.1 miles

Total run time: 50 mins, 23 secs

Terrain/landscape: Up and down a flat, ridged canal path, with a modest scattering of hill sprints

Weather conditions: Warm, sheltered, no breeze

The route: A simple back-and-forth alongside sleepy canal boats by an equally drowsy runner:


Music of choice: Nothing but the tinkering of moored-up canal boatists, walkers reining in startled looking pups, and fellow running comrades revving themselves up for the rest of the day.

Fuel? Nothing before, bar a swig of milky tea. Being as I’m technically on holiday I thought I’d save my rocket fuel for my early-rise work day efforts and loooong runs. But I did, you’ll be pleased to hear, very conscientiously eat a hacking great rump steak and chips last night. I could barely move. This morning on the other hand, not bad, not bad at all (on the movement front).

To sum up: A bit hazy, but a good and sweaty 5 miles.

What’s the plan now? More of the same. I am relying on a scrappy combination of my Casio and fluctuating GPS to track my movements…


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