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20 Questions with: Jane Wood Rackham, founder of The RackhamEffect


Bio: Jane Wood Rackham founded The RackhamEffect in 2005, providing sports massage and Myofascial Release, among other treatments. She has also completed a mountain of endurance events, among them IRONMAN Triathlons and running The Forces March in 2015. She says: “I am 45 but feel 25 most of the time. The RackhamEffect started when I took up residence in a gym renting a room, and I’ve been there ever since. My clients are everyone from office workers and runners, to triathletes and swimmers – from 9 year-olds to octogenarians.”

1: How long have you been a runner?
A very long time. I’ve played competitive hockey and so always been running but my 1st half marathon was in the early ’90s.

2: Why did you start?
I wanted to raise money for a cancer charity.

3: What were the biggest challenges or misconceptions you had to get over when you were starting out? I really don’t remember!

4: What was the turning point for you and your running?
Using the correct training plans.

5: Which running achievements are you most proud of?
My two Ironman events and The Forces March May 2015 5 Marathons in 5 days.

Jane Forces March

Jane mid Forces March, pictured right.

6: What keeps you going over long distances?
Having a mantra that I put on all my water bottles. ‘Believe to Achieve’ is my motto, so it’s all in the training for me. Get that right with the mind set, and you are good to go.

7: You’ve been coping with injury this past year. Can you talk me through it, and where you’re at with your recovery? 
Plantar fasciitis started as a niggle last year in January 2015. It however became very bad after completing a five-day run event in May 2015. Eventually I had an ultrasound in the September which showed that it was damaged, and needed complete rest. So that’s what I’ve done. No other training other than walking Gem, my dog, seeing my clients and teaching a few classes while I wait for it to heal. With this type of injury it’s the only way to recover. Eventually in January it started to make a massive improvement, and I’m happy to say that I’ve now been running the last month with Gem, doing the odd Parkrun. It’s good to be back.

8: How have you dealt with not being able to run?
Not very well!! As a runner you feel like your whole world is falling apart and nothing else fills its place. We are special. I have been through every emotion possible. The worst is seeing other runners, knowing you can’t get out and run. All my running clients are the same. Saying that, being out for this long has made me realise it’s not the end of the world.

9: What are you now working towards?
Strength and conditioning is the only way for me to get better long term, but I am planning to book a 10k road race in September, and then a half marathon in December.

10: Can you sum up your training style in three words/phrases?
Focused, quality not quantity, calculated

11: And explain what you mean by them here?
Focused – it’s like a job you have to do, to do it to your best ability
Quality not quantity – if you’ve been unwell, working more, or are too tired to train, don’t play catch up. Take time out when you need it.
Calculated – Follow the plan!

12: Who or what inspires you?
Christy Wellington (British Ironman Triathlete), and for me, local swimming LEGEND Oliver Wilkinson (Jane lives in Gloucester).

13: What is the biggest issue people come to you with for advice/treatment at The RackhamEffect?
Upper and lower back issues. There are many reasons why this happens, as different areas of the body can contribute to pain.

14: What’s your essential kit for training, and for events?
Training – Run cap, sunnies, hydration vest and my Garmin.
Racing – all the above + my Almost Athletes vest and gels.

15: What would your advice be for someone wanting to take themselves from half marathon to marathon distance?
Make sure you have the time to train for longer and further. Work or family commitments can change things dramatically, but there are different run plans designed for this.

Gem takes Jane for a run

16: Music – yes or no while running?
No never. I need peace.

17: What’s your typical diet when in training? 
Good! Plenty of water, small meals and often, protein, vegetables, smoothies

18: What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?
Never rush the start of any race.

19: Do you prefer running with friends or solo?
Both, but long training runs on my own.

20: Finish this sentence: ‘To me, running is…’
…My time to sort things out in my head. I either think things through and sort them out or nothing at all. It’s very calming.

Find out more about Jane and her work by visiting www.therackhameffect.com

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