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Running in the X’treme: 22.07.16

Run date: Friday 22 July 2016

Set-off time: 6.30 am, give or take

Pace: 9.41 mins/mile

Distance: 7.1 miles

Total run time: 1 hour, 8 mins:46 secs

Terrain/landscape: tarmac then gravel track, fluctuating gradient (but never steep)

Weather conditions: Cooler, pretty spot on really. ALTHOUGH: I had a severe run-in with the mozzies – 23 bites, I kid ye not! They feasted on me!

The route: (Got a bit squiggly at the end when I was rounding up to 7 miles)


Music of choice: Well, it started off with my dear Chris Hawkins, ’til the robot lady voice in my fairly new bluetooth headphones announced that her energy was fading, like a mayfly… So after a great bit of nostalgia with Bananarama:

I had nothing. Nada. No music, quite a rare thing for me. And I really enjoyed it, my thoughts darted about and sorted themselves out, and there was something cathartic about hearing the pad of my feet upon the pavement. And also how erratic my breathing can sound at points. I didn’t think silent running was for me, but I think I may do more of it.

 Fuel? Now do I have a story for you! So, after five days straight of no processed sugar – that’s right, no cake, chocolate, candy floss, marzipan, whatever else I usually get my hands on (PUDDING) – I went for it. A little bit. So, a very honourable cray fish and mango wild rice salady thing ended up being superseded by not one but 10 Celebrations, and two whole pieces of cake. Not forgetting the teeny-tiny Scotch eggs, onion bhajis and, er, miniature quiches. I was on fire.
So after that charade, I really didn’t deserve to not only beat Wednesday’s time a little, but to feel good on my run, and go further.
What was different? This morning, for the very first time ever (hyperbole alert), I decided I was going to drink an energy drink on the way round. This one, which I bought from Holland & Barrett for £6.99, 20 tabs, caffeinated, nondescript berry-flavoured, electrolyte, magnesium-infused,  effervescent terribleness:

crop Zero Xtreme 2

Or so I’d always thought, hence why I’d always steered clear. But I felt good, I never fatigued… obviously this warrants a bit more experimentation to see if my hypothesis rings true (sorry Mum. She’s a hygienist and a little worried about ‘runner’s teeth’).

To sum up: The best run of the week, for sure!

What’s the plan now? You’ll just have to wait and see…

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