On the Run!

Misty Monday: 18.07.16

Run date: Monday 18 July 2016

Set-off time: 6.35 am

Pace: 9.31 mins/mile  

Total run time: 40 mins:45 secs

Distance: 4.3 miles

Terrain/landscape: Mostly flat, gentle undulation, tarmac, pavement, suburban

Weather conditions: Misty, sweat-inducing

The route: As before:

Run 18.07.2016

Music of choice:
 BBC 6 Music on the radio app, the early show with Chris Hawkins. Applies gentle musical pressure on a waking brain. Even when The Darkness made an appearance.crop Chris Hawkins

Fuel? None beforehand, a glug of water. Last night’s dinner was pretty good though: a 7-veg wholemeal fusili with marinated chicken and a dollop of pesto. Then a couple of Orkney thin oatcakes before bed. No sugar!

To sum up: A good Monday stint. A bit tired I think, but not much between this and Saturday’s trot.

What’s the plan now? Some foam-rolling tonight I think to iron out any niggles.


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