On the Run!

On the Run! 16.07.16

One of the big pulls of fitness apps is the buzz of competition – they encourage you to engage in battle with both yourself, and others (Fitbit, I’m looking at you). I’ve switched my allegiances over the years, from Endomondo (free) to Asics then Fitbit and back to Asics again. But whatever your pick, I find they give my runs added value, nudging me in the right direction, and giving me a little ego-boost whenever I log a completed route.

If you’ve read some of my other posts, you’ll know that I am now starting up my training for my second half marathon, and I’m trying to do things a bit differently. Maybe, dare I say it, take it a bit more seriously. At least, when it comes to the whole getting in good condition thing.

So, I, The Messy Runner, am going a step beyond clicking ‘save’, sweaty-pawed on my running app. I pledge to log every run I complete on this here site, sharing the sorts of detail that I’d enjoy hearing from other would-be runners when I’m in full run-geek mode. I’ll tell you why: I think it’ll help give me perspective and extra insight into how things like, say, fueling before/after/during a run impacts, and maybe, just maybe, instill a little more decorum/discipline on my part…

Run date: Saturday 16 July 2016

Set-off time: 7.45 am(ish)

Pace: 9.23 mins/mile  

Total run time: 39 mins:47 secs

Distance: 4.2 miles

Terrain/landscape: Flat with some gentle undulation, tarmac, pavement, suburban

Weather conditions: Warm and dry

The route:Run 16.07.2016

Music of choice: Fargo Year Two: Songs from the original MGM/FXP television series – a great selection too. Moody, soulful, with a thrust of country, funk and blues. For me great stuff to get lost in, mostly new listening (which helps on that front), and it took me right into the wild, 1970s’ palette of the ace Coen-Brothers’ remake.

Fuel? None beforehand, bar some water and a short cup of tea. Well, unless you count the delicious Italian and, er, slightly Yorkie-laden feast of the night before. There was freshly made pasta. Wafer thin garlic bread. Followed by sweet things. A positive carb fest, and probably not the nutritionist-backed kind.

To sum up: A positive start to a new leg of training, I think. After any time out I’m always pleasantly surprised when I can get back into it with surprisingly little coaxing, like you’ve just had a firm word with your body: “Oh, I see, we’re doing this again are we?’ I was cautious not to pelt it.

What’s the plan now? I think I’m going to spend the next week picking up my routine proper again by keeping my distances fairly reined in ’til I know I’m really solid. And er, to stop with all the sugar. I’m an all or nothing-er. But I’ve managed a day with no cake or chocolate so far, eesh.


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